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CCTV B&W Surveillance Cameras
These sophisticated black and white cameras offer superior image quality and high performance.

These cameras are widely used for surveillance and monitoring type applications.

ICD-38 1/3" CCD ICD-47 / ICD-47E 1/2" OCML CCD ICD-48/48E 1/2" IT CCD
ICD-38 1/3" CCD
High Performance Black & White Camera
ICD-47 / ICD-47E 1/2" OCML CCD
Low Light High IR Sensitivity B/W CCD Camera
ICD-49/49E 1/2" IT CCD
1/2" CCD Super Cube DSP Monochrome Camera

The ICD-38 is a high-performance monochrome camera employing a 1/3" OCML (On Chip Micro Lens) CCD sensor to deliver high resolution and high sensitivity, with a horizontal resolution of 0. 1 lux (fl.4). The ICD-38 incorporates a wide ranging AESC function which produces optimum image reproduction even without the use of an auto iris lens. In addition the ICD-38 features a switchable BLC (Back Light Compensation) as standard to ensure consistently stable image reproduction in situations involving back reproduction in situations involving back-lighting. The auto iris circuitry is selectable between VIDEO and DC iris allowing the use of either Video or DC drive lens. Furthermore the ICD-38 employs line lock with phase adjustment to facilitate multiple camera switching through a single video switcher.
ICD-47(EIA)/47E(CCIR) is a high-sensitivity, higher-resolution B/W surveillance camera with 1/2" CCD for high-quality pictures. The camera incorporates Line-Lock, Auto Shutter, Back-light compensation, and two way Auto Iris, and delivers horizontal resolution of 570TV Lines(EIA)/560TV Lines(CCIR) with Minimum Illumination of 0.02 lux/f1.4. Smear Level -120dB. The camera also supports near infrared imaging. The ICD-49/ICD-49E is a 1/2"CCD Super Cube DSP Monochrome Camera, which is High Sensitivity (0.0075 lux at F1.2) and High Resolution (Horizontal Resolution 570 TV Lines [EIA]/ 560 TV Lines [CCIR]). As it is a Cube Type with compact shape design, it applies to various installation purposes like inside installation in ATM's and various other housings.
  • High Sensitivity
    High sensitivity 1/3 inch CCD with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux/ F1.4.
  • Mirror Image
    Thanks to inverting a left and right image, ICD-38/38E can settle your reversed image problem with a prism or L-angle pinhole lens.
  • AES and BLC
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) and a high quality Back Light Compensation (BLC) are featured.
  • LL Lock
    The camera supports AC Line Lock.
  • Auto Iris Function
    Selectable between Video auto iris, DC auto iris and Manual iris lenses.
  • Horizontal resolution 570 TV Lines (EIA), 560 TV Lines (CCIR).
  • Auto shutter function and low smear feature permits high light video level.
  • Minimum illumination 0.02 lux/f1.4, 0.0065 lux/f0.8 equivalent.
  • Back Light Compensation (BLC).
  • Infrared sensitivity Five Times higher than conventional cameras with IT-CCD.
  • Video iris lens or DC iris lens can be used.
  • Smear level -120dB high-quality picture, provides crisp pictures.
  • Switchable Line Lock/Internal Lock.
  • Flange back adjustable.
  • High Sensitivity
    It is suitable for outdoor surveillance, which requires 24 hours surveillance continuously, with its high sensitivity performance of 0.0075 lux at F1.2. Furthermore its sensitivity reaches to near-infrared range (800nm to 1000nm approx.), which is about five times higher than conventional IT CCD cameras.
  • High Resolution and High Quality Picture
    It has a high horizontal resolutions of more than 570 TV Lines (EIA)/ 560 TV Lines (CCIR) and realizes a high quality picture of Signal to Noise ratio more than 50dB.

  • Low Smear Level
    It is a low smear design of -120dB. Even if there are headlights of a car on the scene at a parking lot, a natural image can be taken.

  • BLC (Back Light Compensation) function
    It has BLC function for appropriate brightness, even if there is bright back light of subjects.

  • Fulfilling functions are equipped.
    It has fulfilling functions like an AES (Automatic Electronic Shutter) function, 2 ways of Auto Iris Functions; VIDEO Iris and DC Iris, and a LINE LOCK function


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ICD-68 1/3" IT CCD  
ICD-68 1/3" IT CCD
High Performance Black & White Super Dome Camera


  • Aesthetic Appearance
    Dome cameras designed to be unobtrusive and not conflict with the aesthetic properties of stores and commercial/ residential areas. The same dome cameras can be recessed into a ceiling, showing only the dome portion of the camera, with an optional ceiling mount kit, or surface mounted as-is on to a ceiling.
  • Built-In Varifocal Lens
    Equipped with a Varifocal auto iris lens as standard, which can help the view angle adjustment.
  • BLC (Back Light Compensation)
  • AC Line-Lock
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control) On/Off





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