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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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Mikrotron is outstanding in support for just about any asynchronous, megapixel, retriggerable, and high speed camera. We are also distinguishable in support for many cameras simultaneously. Our PCI-X bus transfers run at true 132 MB per sec.

Mikrotron offers frame grabbers for use with Camera Link, LVDS, and PS analog cameras.

Mikrotron also offers their own well documented and comprehensive low level libraries. There is also "Mikrotron Director" a New High Speed Vision capture and replay application. For high end libraries we have Halcon from Mvtec. The well known Halcon Imaging Library offers a truly comprehensive library that is backed by 20 software engineers.

Mikrotron frame grabbers support cameras from: Pulnix, JAI, Hitachi, Sony, Basler, Dalsa, Cohu, Toshiba-Teli, and others. We are proud of our extensive Camera Compatibility Chart. It is being updated frequently. If you are a camera vendor contact us for support. We will gladly add support any new camera as long as we can find a business case for it.

Inspecta-5 Inspecta-4C Inspecta-4D
Inspecta-4C Inspecta-4D

Camera Link Full PCI-X frame grabber with 1 Gbyte on board memory for use with most very high speed and high performance cameras such as MC 13XX series, Basler XXXX, that require sustained 660 Mbps transfer rate to host memory

Low Cost Single Channel Camera Link™ PCI Frame Grabber for B/W or Color High Resolution Area and LineScan Image Processing

RS 422/ LVDS frame grabber with PCI 2.2 bus interface for use with Pulnix, JAI, Hitachi, etc. cameras with RS 422 or LVDS outputs
Inspecta-4A Inspecta Accessories  
Low-cost 3-6 Channel PCI Analog only Frame Grabber with 3 A/D's for monochrome or RGB interlaced or progressive scan cameras

1. B408 Break-out box for INSPECTA Frame Grabber

2. Camera Link Repeater and Multiplexer B562/B563 Repeater and Multiplexer for Frame Grabber with Camera Link™




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