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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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STREAMPIX High Speed Video Capture Application
STREAMPIX High Speed Video Capture Application
Example : Record multiple
cameras simultaneously.*

Record live un-compressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time at up to 625 Mbytes/second. Create movie clips in AVI or other file formats such as bmp, tiff, multi-tiff, mpeg or jpeg format. StreamPix guarantees no image drops when acquiring a sequence.



  • Motion Analysis
  • Image Archiving
  • Flow Analysis
  • Medical Imaging
  • Web Inspection
  • Astronomy



  • Real time uncompressed or compressed digital video recording to PC RAM or hard disk drive using Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Use off the shelf PC's. No raid or SCSI technology required.
  • Automatic start-up on computer reboot
  • Supports monochrome, RGB, NTSC color or high resolution or high frame rate digital cameras.
  • After acquisition, convert images directly to common image formats such as bmp, tiff, and many others.
  • Record directly to AVI format, in compressed or uncompressed format.
  • Compression codecs: StreamPix is fully compatible with WDM codecs.
  • Tool bar emulates video recorder: record, play, rewind, fast forward, pause.
  • Thumbnail viewer. View captured sequences as individual resizable thumbnails.
  • Trigger mode: Supports either direct frame grabber, camera or software trigger modes. Level high, level low, rising or falling edge conditions can be set to start and or stop image recording
  • Record in time lapse mode.
  • Time stamp each individual image when acquiring in sequence mode.
  • Time stamp overlay to an image.
  • Time stamp analyzer: Verify if frames were dropped while recording a sequence.
  • Add overlay comments to an image.
  • Bitmap overlay: Overlay on top of an image a bitmap (BMP) file. Perform live or off line.
  • Macro builder for customizing complex recording sessions
  • Audio: Add audio to a sequence or an individual image.
  • Applications using StreamPix.
  • Continuous video loop recording: Continuous loop or video buffering for machine vision or security applications. No frame drop guaranteed.
  • Failure analysis: Pre/post video loop recording on trigger.
  • Capture over long distances.
  • WDM: Compatible with Windows Driver Model from Microsoft.
  • Grey level analysis PlugIn.
  • Window leveling for image formats greater than 8 bits per pixel.
  • Bayer filter color preview mode.
  • Quick time compatible AVI files.
  • PlugIn SDK: Add data from outside I/O sources to your sequence in real time.
  • Astronomy: Export to FITS file format.
  • Portability: High performance laptops and portable pc's.
  • Touch screen: For users with touch screen monitors.
  • Shutter control using Uniblitz.
  • Compatible Windows Remote Desktop (WRD).


Network Control and Multiple Camera Acquisition

Multiple camera acquisition on multiple computers connected through StremNet Server.

  • Grab and view multiple sequences simultaneously
  • Includes Macro Builder for time lapse video acquisition
  • Uses standard, off-the-shelf
  • Uses gigabit ethernet protocol for long distances between camera and computer.

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