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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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MotionBLITZ® Director: White Paper

MotionBLITZ® Director
MotionBLITZ® Director – High Speed Video Recording, Analysis, Editing & Storage

The easy way to set up your MotionBLITZ high speed camera for recording and exporting files.

* MotionBLITZ® Director - Software Interface Included with all MotionBLITZ® High Speed Camera Systems


  • Use for camera setup
  • Modify camera's region of interest and frame rate
  • Store data as single images(BMP files) or video sequences (AVI files)
  • Easy analysis and processing of data -- keep only the data you want
  • Available with all MotionBLITZ® High Speed Systems
  • Runs on Windows® XP



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