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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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High Speed Vision Systems: Application Examples
High Speed Vision Systems: Application Examples
High Speed Vision Systems: Application Examples
High Speed Vision Systems: Application Examples




Motion and timing analysis of the handling process for unloading a fast injection mold machine helped to redesign part handling and optimize the control system timing. Cycle time improvements of more than 5% were achieved.




Electronics Assembly


Pickup of chips from a supply tape yielded random loss of components. Lost components caused further damage and maintenance was increased. A high speed video showed the systematic of the pickup errors. Vacuum supply and pickup tools were adjusted. Machine uptime and placement quality was significantly increased, line throughput was back on target.






Motion analysis of fast moving pick and place devices was carried out to optimize machine and process performance. Slow motion process studies revealed multiple options for better dynamic drive tuning and control timing. Accelerations and inertia reactions were minimized. Mechanical wear and machine vibration was significantly reduced. Overall performance in high speed applications was increased over 8%.







Cardboard box handling had random failures which caused lost, partly unfolded boxes to block the machine and stop the packaging line. A slow motion analysis revealed the reasons for the random failure -- a slight misadjustment of the handling device and wear of the vacuum pickup. Timing analysis with PLC signals shown in the slow motion sequence showed poor timing of the process. Together all problems had brought the system to the edge of a safe process window. All causes could be fixed within the same day. The line now worked better than specified.




Custom Assembly


Crimp tools of manual feed machines showed an increasing amount of malfunctions at a customer's site. The machine and tool manufacturer had replaced experienced tool design staff with young, inexperienced engineers. They did not know about the many little details that made a well designed tool work properly, as their predecessors had. Systematic high speed analysis at the customer's production site clearly showed the nature of malfunctions. The young engineers learned a lot within a short period of time. Tool quality is now almost back to normal and the problems were solved by using high speed video.




Product Development


For better understanding of failure mechanisms in automotive headlights, high speed video was used. A new design had to be found to achieve the specified product lifetime. Slow motion studies contributed significantly to better design details of the spiral-wound filament suspension.




Safety Devices


All airbag manufacturers are legally obliged to do statistical quality control using high speed video to document the proper functioning of airbags. Parachutes are tested as to their unfolding; multiple protective devices in street traffic are optimized after slow motion analysis.




Materials Testing


Drop tests, longitudinal and lateral break load test, flexion and elasticity tests, dynamic deformation of materials suspension.


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