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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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(Recording of a frontal crash situation for safety inspection of restraint systems.)

Courtesy of LEAR, a leading company for seating and restraint systems.


MotionBLITZ® Kits
The MotionBLITZ® Kit is a peripheral for capturing high speed digital images on a PC. The Kit consists of a compact and high speed CMOS camera, and a small size PCI/PCI-X interface board with onboard memory. It also comes with installation software, user interface software and documentation. The Windows based application software makes the MotionBLITZ® Kit easy to operate.

MotionBLITZ® Kits Our high speed video system with the most attractive price in this range of performance.
The integration in an existing standard-pc system is simple and effortless.

Due to an intuitive and self-explaining user interface you get quick and useful results without extensive training.

MotionBLITZ® -Kit  

Typical applications:
material testing, documentation, airbag production, hydraulic systems, quality assurance, mechanical engineering, dynamics and flow analysis, wave or oscillation measurement, cavitation experiments, motion analysis in sports  and research.


Main features:

  • High Speed Camera with MegaPixel Sensor
  • 1280(H) x 1024(V) monochrome or color
  • 500 fps at full resolution
  • Adjustable frame rate from 50 up to 16,000 fps
  • Adjustable resolution up to 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) pixels
  • PCI/PCI-X camera control and frame store board with onboard memory
  • Recording stop from an external trigger
  • Windows XP based installation, user interface and documentation
  • Image storage in BMP and AVI file format



MikroCams for MotionBLITZ® Compact XP
and MotionBLITZ® Kit
Model Resolution
Frame Rate
Frame Rate
Sensitivity [ISO/ASA] Color Lens Mount
MC1302 1280x1024 100 16.000 200 mono C-Mount
MC1303 1280x1024 100 16.000 160 Color C-Mount
MC1310 1280x1024 500 32.000 200 mono C-Mount
MC1311 1280x1024
500 32.000 160 Color C-Mount
MC1318 1280x1024
500 32.000 200 mono F-Mount
MC1319 1280x1024
500 32.000 160 Color F-Mount

* max. frame rate at approx. 10 lines of RoI set image height set via RoI.



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