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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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Mikrotron MC1318 High Speed 1,3 MPixel monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera
MC1318 High Speed 1,3 MPixel monochrome CMOS Imaging Camera MC1318-Specialties

Monochrome Full Camera Link® Camera up to 500 full fps

The MC1318 offers superior image quality for high speed imaging and machine vision applications. 1024 greylevels and up to 500 full frames per second provide insight to assembly and production processes at high speeds. Reducing the RoI height yields proportionally increased frame rates up to over 46,000 fps at 10 lines of RoI height.

The F-Mount Lens interface allows for use of SLR lenses with perfect coverage of the MC1318's large 1 1/4" image sensor.



All MC13xx cameras feature Mikrotron's patented ImageBLITZ® technology. It allows you to place a self-trigger anywhere in the selected RoI. The ImageBLITZ® is based on a line segment which is scanned at extremely high rates (>50 kHz) for grey level changes. Each detected trigger event sends an image to the image processor. Thus, external triggering can often be made obsolete.

Application Areas

  • Fast large area inspection
  • Multi camera applications
  • Fast light section profiling
  • Fast motion analysis
  • Dynamics and load evaluation
  • Fast area scanning
  • Megapixel imaging at high frame rates


Application Examples:

  • Fast wood, textile or metal surface inspection
  • Fast assembly and chip shooting inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Motion control
  • Process analysis
  • Glass quality inspection
  • High speed video analysis
  • Optical control
  • Fast Object recognition
  • Quality control

Technical Data MC13xx:

  • CMOS progressive scan sensor
  • Resolution: 1280(H) x 1024(V) Pixel
  • Sensor format: 15,36(H) x 12,29(V) mm, 12 x 12 µm pixel size
  • Frame rate inverse proportional to RoI height
  • Free selection of image resolution and frame rate (interdependent)
  • Pixel digitization: 10 Bit or any 8 of 10 Bit
  • Internal timing or externally triggered full frame shutter
  • Pixel binning, horizontal and vertical for sensitivity increase
  • 9 control profiles, each including all camera control parameters
  • Shock proof up to 70G/10ms
  • Low power dissipation, 6.5W max.
  • Compact, robust design

Technical Data MC130x:

  • Frame rate: Up to 100 frames/s (fps) at full resolution
  • With reduced RoI: e.g. 1.000 fps at 102 lines RoI height
  • Frame grabber interface: Base Camera Link®
  • Max. data rate: 132 MByte/s
  • 2 Taps (2x 8 or 2x 10 bit data transfer)

Technical Data MC1318:

  • Monochrome sensor
  • F-Mount lens mount



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