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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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EoSens® mini2

MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini2: High-Speed Recording Camera
EoSens GE: innovative Technology for Maximum Light Efficiency

EoSens mini2

3 Megapixel Resolution for Detailed Images

Extremely Flexible in Resolution and Speed
The MotionBLITZ EoSens⪚ mini2 meets the requirements of the most varied applications, because resolution and speed can be user defined as needed. A resolution of 1,696 x 1,710 pixels delivers superb image quality with a high level of detail. Based on MIKROTRON’S high-speed technology the camera captures more than 200,000 frames per second to freeze-frame any action.

Crystal Clear Images
The MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini2 adjusts every single pixel regarding blackvalue and dynamic in real time. The resulting video impresses with crystal clear images.

Onboard Ring Buffer (Pre-/Post-Trigger)
The onboard Ring Buffer allows buffering of triggered events up to 3 seconds at full resolution and full speed. Freely adjustable pre or post triggered recording settings capture the events as they happen.

ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger
The ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger allows image driven triggering directly through the camera by a user defined image region. This image area can be defined and calibrated as a trigger sensor. A change in the brightness, checked in every frame, will trigger the camera or record an event.

Burst Trigger Mode (Post Trigger)
The Burst Trigger Mode makes it possible to divide the memory into several thousand image bursts. For every event a defined number of frames will be stored. This makes it easier to record sequences of events.

Dynamic Range Adjustment
The camera’s Dynamic Range Adjustment feature makes it possible widen the CMOS sensor’s dynamic range for high contrast scenes. Thus, the camera provides clear details even at extreme contrasts.

Maximum Performance at Minimum Form Factor
MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini2 comes up with a small form factor. The small footprint of approx. 63 x 64.5 mm (C-Mount version) allows for easy handling, even in cramped conditions

Flexible and Easy to Use
The camera’s Gigabit Ethernet interface allows to operate multiple cameras from any standard Notebook/PC over a distance of up to 100 m.

A Great Variety of Extensions
Color version, F-Mount front, ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger, Multi Sequence Mode, side placed connectors, cooling option and Hi-G version are optionally available.

Key Features:

  • Extremely flexible in resolution and speed: up to 523 fps at 1,696 (H) x 1,710 (V) pixel resolution
  • Stepless adjustable frame rate up to more than 200,000 frames per second at reduced resolution
  • Maximum photo sensitivity: 1,200 ASA monochrome, 1,000 ASA RGB
  • 3 seconds onboard Recording Memory at full resolution and speed
  • GigE Vision® compatible
  • ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger (optional)
  • Crashproof up to 100 g shock, 10 g vibration
  • Pixel based Fixed Pattern Noise Correction
  • Burst Trigger Mode
  • Multi Sequence Mode

EoSens Mini2 Datasheet


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