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Mikrotron, Digital High-Speed Cameras enable you to see the missing details that are too fast to see with your eyes!  Now evolved to be one of the largest suppliers to the Machinery Industry!

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Data Sheet EoSens 3CL Full CL

EoSens® 3CL Full CL Color MC3011: for detailed images
EoSens® 3CL Full CL Color MC3011: for detailed images

Extremely flexible in resolution and speed:

The EoSens® 3CL meets the requirements for most varied applications, because resolution and speed are variable adjustable. A resolution of 1,690 (H) x 1,710 (V) pixels ensures superb image quality with razor-sharp images.

By free choice of the Region of Interest (RoI), the camera‘s frame rate can be increased up to 181,000 frames per second.

Dynamic Range Adjustment for extreme contrasts
The camera‘s Dynamic Range Adjustment option allows you to change the CMOS sensor‘s linear range into a non-linear one. Thus, EoSens® 3CL provides clear details even at extreme dark/light contrasts.

'Freeze Frame' full frame shutter
The EoSens® 3CL features a “Freeze Frame” shutter that is able to process and store a complete frame while exposing the next image.

Fields of Application:

  • Machine Vision
  • Process Monitoring
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Measurement
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Research and Science
  • Intelligent Transport Systems

Technical Data EoSens 3CL:

  • 3 Megapixel resolution up to 285 frames per second at 1,690 (H) x 1,710 (V) pixel resolution
  • Adjustable Region of Interest (RoI) with correspondent increased frame rate:
    • 604 fps at 1,280 (H) x 1,024 (V) pixel resolution
    • 858 fps at 1,280 (H) x 720 (V) pixel resolution
    • 731 fps at 1,000 (H) x 1,000 (V) pixel resolution
  • Stepless adjustable frame rate up to 181,000 frames per second at reduced resolution
  • Maximum photo sensitivity: 1,200 ASA monochrome, 1,000 ASA RGB
  • Full Camera Link® Interface with 850 MByte/second
  • Monochrome or color with Bayer-Filter
  • Extended dynamic range up to 90 dB
  • Small and compact design
  • C- or F-Mount lens adapter


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