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Picolo Junior 4

Low cost capture board for video surveillance applications


  • Cost optimized
  • Full frame acquisition in real time
  • Improved switching acquisition, up to 4 cameras Improved switching acquisition, up to 4 cameras
  • Color PAL/NTSC, monochrome CCIR/EIA/RS-170
  • MultiCam and standard drivers compatible
  • Available in large quantities to OEMs

Supported Software



Download the Picolo Series Datasheet


Video and bitmap image formats
The Junior 4 capture board acquires color or monochrome video images from composite interlaced video signals. The NTSC and PAL color standards are supported. The monochrome video acquisition complies with the so-called CCIR (625 lines) and EIA/RS-170 (525 lines) standards. Acquisition of full frame (two fields) or single field images is selectable.

Before storing the acquired image into the destination memory buffer, a pixel format conversion takes place in real-time. Numerous color or monochrome formats can be chosen: RGB15, 16, 24, 32, Y8, YUV4:2:2, YUV4:2:0, packed or planar, and more.
Before PCI transfer to the PC, the acquired images can be scaled to any format smaller than the original one, down to 1/12. The downscaling process involves a sophisticated hardware device, performing an accurate interpolation in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The image buffer for a downscaled image is smaller in size, and its transfer needs less PCI bandwidth.

Moreover, any part of the incoming image can be retained for further PCI transfer, allowing to define a region of interest. All desirable adjustments can be applied to the images during acquisition, such as video contrast, brightness, color saturation and hue (NTSC only).
Bus mastering

The Junior 4 capture board is a PCI bus mastering agent that directly stores the acquired images into the PC physical memory without CPU involvement. As a unique feature, the Junior automatically recovers the scatter-gather virtual memory mapping to present the data as a regular bitmap image in a user allocated memory buffer.

Driver interoperability

Thanks to its basic architecture, Junior 4 may be operated with most of the Conexant® Bt878/CN878A based drivers.

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