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Open eVision General Features

Open to All Image Sources

The Open eVision libraries do not rely on any proprietary hardware device to run. They are able to process given-format bitmap images available in the host memory, whatever their origin.

Color and monochrome images are supported. The images to be processed may come from a frame grabber, a scanner, a file, or IEEE1394 (Firewire), GigE Vision or USB cameras.

GigE Vision   IEEE 1394   USB 2.0   Frame Grabber    

Download, Develop, Deploy

The distribution, installation and licensing procedures of Open eVision have been specifically tailored to the needs of OEMs and system integrators. They will suit you whether you have a few or thousands of systems to deploy.

  • Instantaneous web download or CD delivery
    - Modern, fast and simple installation
  • Software-only licensing scheme
    - Automatic online or offline activation
    - Extensive Licence Recovery procedure in case of hardware failure
    - Multilingual License Manager for licensing administration

    - New flexible choice of individual licenses or bundles
    • Portable or embedded licenses
    • Individual libraries
    • Open eVision Studio
    • Cost-optimized quantity packs, bundles and SDK
      - Light installation package and multiple-platform activation procedure for the deployment

Operating Systems and Development Environments

The Open eVision 1.0 libraries and tools can be used under the following operating systems:

 OS Version  Additional Information
 Windows Server 2003 ®  32-bit  Service Pack 1
 Windows XP ®  32-bit  Service Pack 2
 Windows 2000 ®  -  Service Pack 4

The Open eVision 1.0 libraries are available under three formats: C++ libraries (DLLs), ActiveX controls and .NET classes. This makes Open eVision compatible with a wide variety of programming languages and development environments which will fit all requirements and suit all developers.

 Supported Development Environments
 C++ classes  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 ®  Borland C++ Builder 2006 ®
 Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 ®  Borland C++ Builder 6.0 ®
 Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 ®  
 .NET classes  Microsoft Visual C# 2005 ®  
 Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 ®  
 ActiveX controls  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 ®  Borland Delphi 2006 ®
   Borland Delphi 6.0 ®

Sub-pixel Accuracy and Calibration

Accuracy is of prime importance to most machine vision applications. To meet this requirement, Open eVision's metrology (EasyGauge), blob analysis (EasyObject), pattern matching (EasyMatch) and template matching (EasyFind) functions all return results with sub-pixel accuracy.

To further increase the precision of the measurements, Open eVision includes an extensive set of calibration functions. These functions, after a calibration phase that can be performed from the image of a precise dot grid or from a list of point coordinates, compensate all measurements for lens distortion (correction of pin cushioning, barreling), non-square pixels (correction of the pixel aspect ratio) and rotation and perspective distortions.

They also provide the capability of working in real-word measurement units (such as mils, microns or millimeters), and support the conversion of coordinates from pixel coordinates to real-world coordinates and vice-versa.

Saving and Loading Images

Open eVision 1.0 supports loading and saving images from/to the disk. It supports the following file formats: TIFF, BMP (Bitmap) and JPG (JPEG). JPEG compression (with selectable compression quality) and decompression functions are also available.


Regions of Interest

The processing of all Open eVision functions can be restricted to a Region of Interest (ROI). Open eVision 1.0 supports nested rectangular ROIs, which are organized in a hierarchical way in each image.

Image and Graphic Display

Open eVision also includes functions to help display the result of the image analysis, and provide interactivity with the user. For example, regions of interest, EasyGauge measurement gauges, blobs computed with EasyObject, patterns located with EasyMatch and EasyFind, characters and codes read with EasyOCR, EasyMatrix-Code and EasyBarCode can easily be displayed on top of the image.

Debugging and Profiling Functions

Open eVision supports modern error tracing functions, and provides precise execution time measurement functions for application profiling



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