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EasyObject : Blob analysis, Surface inspection, Packaging inspection, Object location
EasyObject : Blob analysis, Surface inspection, Packaging inspection, Object location


  • Image segmentation
  • Object labeling
  • Geometric feature extraction

EasyObject is used for blob analysis that is obtaining information about the distinct objects that are present in an image. The processing is based on connected component labeling, to isolate and identify the objects. Then, various geometric features of the objects, such as the area or ellipse of inertia parameters, are computed and the objects are sorted and selected with respect to these features. Blob analysis is a convenient way to locate objects even without any previous knowledge of their shape, size and position, to measure these characteristics and discriminate between them.

EasyObject Window

Holes management
EasyObject allows the inspection of holes in defined objects. Holes are managed as objects themselves benefiting from the same geometrical features (area, gravity center, inertia moment, Feret box...). EasyObject library manages the relationship between objects and holes defining parent object for holes.

EasyObject Windows

Calculable features range average or deviation: Image segmentation
Area, gravity center (X or Y) Connected components labeling
Centroid (X or Y) Computation of numerous geometric features
Limit center (X or Y), limit width, limit height Powerful blob selection and sorting
Feret center (X or Y), feret width, feret height, feret angle Efficient run-length coded representation
Ellipse width, ellipse height, ellipse angle  
Convex hull  
Class, contour (X or Y)  
Pixel (min, max, gray variance or gray average)  
45, 22 or 68 degrees (limit center X, limit center Y, width, height)  
Sigma (X, Y, XY, XX or YY), largest run  



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