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Euresys - Grablink Avenue Camera Link Frame Grabber

The Grablink Avenue is an ultra-fast PCI frame grabber for line-scan or area-scan digital Camera Link cameras. Grablink Avenue is a high-performance 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus board acquiring images from one camera in the Camera Link Base configuration. This board acquires the 24-bit data, with any tap structure, at the maximum speed of 85 MHz allowing to be interfaced to the fastest cameras.

With line-scan cameras, the Grablink Avenue guarantees a constant sensitivity of the image regardless of the web speed variation, thanks to ADR*, a unique patented downweb resampler.


  • Base configuration -up to 24 bits at 85 MHz-
  • Enhanced support of line-scan cameras, ADR Technology*
  • Full support of area-scan cameras  (asynchronous reset and exposure control)
  • 9 various external and internal I/O lines
  • 32-Mbyte on board memory
  • 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus, 3V/5V signaling

Supported Software

Camera Link specifications
List of supported cameras
Download Grablink Series DataSheet
Preliminary Information
Support of the Base configuration

Fitted with one Camera Link connector, the Grablink Avenue supports the Base configuration of the Camera Link standard. Grablink Avenue supports various types of cameras.

  Monochrome or Bayer Color RGB
single-tap dual-tap


Tap configuration Base_1T8, Base_1T10, Base_1T12, Base_1T14, Base_1T16 Base_2T8, Base_2T10, Base_2T12 Base_1T24
Camera Link configuration 1 tap x (8-10-12-14-16 bits) 2 taps x (8-10-12 bits) 1 tap x (24 bits)
Nine various external and internal I/O lines

The Grablink Avenue is fitted with a male HD26 external connector and a 26-pin internal header. All nine I/O connections are available both from the outside of the PC enclosure or directly from the PCB. System components such as trigger, strobe or motion encoder benefit from different types of interface:

  • One opto-isolated output for the safe control of external equipment
  • Two differential, including LVDS compatibility, input lines for high-speed flexible control of the acquisition
  • Two isolated I/O lines and associated power supply compatible with the other Grablink boards
  • Four enhanced TTL I/O lines used, for instance, for interface with the user’s application
ADR™ * - Advanced Downweb Resampling

In many applications, a line-scan camera has to be operated at a constant cycling rate in order to maintain a constant sensitivity. Grablink Avenue implements ADR*, a unique downweb resampling feature, yielding a defined aspect ratio irrespective of web speed variations, even without an electronic shutter on the camera.

A built-in rate converter accommodates an off-the-shelf motion encoder to control the line acquisition process, enabling any programmable aspect ratio, including perfect square pixels. ADR* makes the most of the line-scan camera, as the sensitivity is not impaired by the shuttering.

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