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GrabLink Expert 2- Wide PCI high performance Camera Link acquisition.

The GrabLink Expert 2 is a Camera Link frame grabber for demanding industrial applications. Supporting the Base or Medium configuration, it can be connected to one or two cameras. The GrabLink Expert is a 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus frame grabber. Each camera delivers images at a maximum speed of 66 MHz over the data paths towards the on board memory.

  • Dual Base or Medium configuration
  • 48 bits at 66 MHz
  • 16-MByte on board memory 
  • PCI Bus 64 bits, 66 MHz
  • Supported Software


    GrabLink Expert Camera Link
    Camera Link
    Camera Link specifications
    List of supported cameras
    Download Grablink Series DataSheet
    Preliminary information
    Support of dual Base or Medium configuration

    The Grablink Expert 2 is a Camera Link compatible frame grabber fitted with two Camera Link connectors. It acquires images simultaneously and independently from two line-scan or area-scan digital cameras in a dual Base configuration. The Grablink Expert 2 also supports one camera in the Medium configuration. It supports various types of cameras:

      Monochrome or Bayer Color RGB
    single-tap dual-tap quad tap


    Tap configuration Base_1T8, Base_1T10, Base_1T12, Base_1T14, Base_1T16 Base_2T8, Base_2T10, Base_2T12, Medium_2T14, Medium_2T16 Medium_4T8, Medium_4T10, Medium_4T12 Base_1T24, Medium_1T30, Medium_1T36, Medium_1T42, Medium_1T48 Medium_2T24
    Camera Link configuration Base 1 tap x (8-10-12-14-16 bits) 2 taps x (8-10-12bits)   1 tap x (24 bits) /
    Medium /

    2 taps x (14-16 bits)


    4 taps x (8-10-12 bits) 1 tap x (30-36-42-48 bits) 2 taps x (24 bits)
    Form factors

    The Grablink Expert 2 is available in two form factors, PCI and cPCI. Both are designed for high-speed acquisition with a 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus. The Compact PCI board (cPCI) serves the purpose of the industrial applications. This particular form factor brings a high resistance to shocks and vibrations thanks to the rugged packaging and the high-density pin-and-socket connection to the PC. Besides, cPCI PCs offer many more slots - in the 33 MHz configuration up to eight slots are available-.


    On board memory

    The Grablink Expert 2 incorporates a 16-Mbyte on board memory. Clocked at 100 MHz, it provides a throughput of 800 Mbytes/s implementing a huge FIFO for each camera.

    NEW Multiple Windows Of Interest (WOI) support

    The Grablink series frame grabbers seamlessly support the acquisition of a Window Of Interest rather than a full image. Most cameras provide this feature, allowing image acquisition at an increased frame rate. Moreover, when working with some specific CMOS cameras, the Grablink Expert 2 supports the acquisition of multiple WOI (up to 16) in the image, with possible overlapping of the windows.

    I/O board

    The Grablink Expert 2 PCI is delivered with an auxiliary I/O board implementing the trigger and strobe facilities. The bracket is fitted with two connectors. On the female DB9 connector, system components (such as a motion encoder) benefit from isolated I/O lines and power supply. TTL trigger and strobe lines are available on a female DB25 together with 16 fully programmable general-purpose I/O lines. On the Grablink Expert 2 cPCI, the two I/O connectors, DB 25 and DB 9, are located directly on the front panel.





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