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MultiCam Driver Euresys's unique driver


MultiCam is the Euresys unique driver. MultiCam serves all Euresys frame grabbers and enables the control of several vision boards using as many cameras as wished from one or several applications in a PC. The Euresys driver offers a wide choice of camera, type of board, OS and development environment to build any vision application. This flexible and intuitive driver reduces drastically the time-to market for new product development or new Euresys board integration.
MultiCam manages the image acquisition and control of the cameras through a simple concept of a channel linking the camera to the buffer in the PC memory. The MultiCam channel identifies all parameters ruling the acquisition process from a camera. Every camera feature, such as its type, resolution or image format, is described and controlled through clear parameters, considerably easing the camera control task. For each channel-controlled camera, a set of dedicated parameters is created from a CAM file. Euresys delivers pre-defined files for many popular cameras; still the user can customize its CAM files.



The channel concept considerably eases the management of video surveillance applications using multiple cameras. Channels can be activated simultaneously. The MultiCam driver automatically manages the switching among cameras and frame grabbers to optimize the acquisition speed and the display refresh rate. The image processing applications immediately benefit from the multithreading environment





Industrial applications benefit from a wide range of camera interfaces. The corresponding CAM files are directly accessible and modifiable in EasyGrab, the easy-to-use MultiCam demonstrator program. All significant parameters are adaptable to specific cases such as trigger and strobe control, exposure control, camera timing, general purpose I/O management, ...




MultiCam complies with most development environments. The native API is standard C. ActiveX controls enable the use of Visual Basic.

MultiCam for Windows and Linux

The MultiCam driver runs under Windows 2000, XP, XPEmbedded and 2003 server and now Linux allowing Euresys customers to combine the ease-of use of the MultiCam driver and the eVision software tools with the cost-effectiveness of Linux. MultiCam is available under SuSE10 and Linux RedHat 8.0.
With Linux RedHat 7.3, please use MultiCam 4.5


Offered as a part of the eVision tools suite, EasyMultiCam is a set of powerful C++ and .NET classes embedding the whole MultiCam functionality. The object oriented eVision functions define image containers suitable for image processing and analysis. Implementing the image capture code into a machine vision or a video surveillance application is now straightforward.

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