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Domino Alpha 2- Image Acquisition from Monochrome Analog Cameras.

The Domino Alpha 2 is the ideal solution for on-the-fly applications.


The Domino Alpha 2 features two camera connectors and can acquire images from one dual-tap or two monochrome concurrent analog cameras. This Domino also acquires images from up to four single-tap cameras selectable in twos or two selectable dual-tap cameras.


The Domino Alpha supports standard as well as top-notch high-resolution cameras with a pixel clock frequency up to 32 MHz. Asynchronous reset, exposure control and progressive scanning are supported.


It comes with the MultiCam driver, which drastically simplifies its integration into your machine vision application.


  • Two camera connectors:
    - One dual-tap or two single-tap concurrent cameras
    - Four single-tap cameras selectable in twos
    - Two selectable dual-tap cameras
  • Two 8-bit 32 MHz A/D converters
  • Multi-mode synchronization system, including pixel clock and PLL locking
  • PCI bus: 32 bits, 33 MHz, 3 V or 5 V signaling


List of supported cameras
Domino Series DataSheet

Supported Software


Two 8-bit 32 MHz A/D converter

The Domino Alpha 2 is equipped with two 8-bit A/D converters. The maximum sampling rate of 32 MHz allows the board to support double-speed cameras. This Domino frame grabber also offers two 8-bit input look-up tables and a programmable input filter (20, 10 or 5 MHz). The controls of the gain and offset are programmable.

Camera and I/O connectors
The Domino Alpha 2 bracket offers two HD15 camera connectors and one DB9 I/O connector. The HD15 connectors are compliant with the Euresys-defined analog camera connector and includes camera power supply. The DB9 connector incorporates three external trigger and flash strobe TTL lines. These connectors are compatible with the Domino Iota, simplifying cable manufacturing.

Camera Support
Beside standard CCIR and RS170 cameras, the Domino Alpha 2 also supports any kind of single-tap or dual-tap analog camera, with progressive or interlaced scanning, synchronous timing or asynchronous reset and asynchronous shutter control. The high-resolution capability of the board is compatible with top-notch cameras (mega- pixel cameras are supported).

Two single-tap cameras can be used concurrently and independently with one Domino Alpha 2. Each of them has its own trigger and strobe line, and they acquire their images into two separate buffers in the PC memory. The board can share efficiently the two digitizing and timing units between up to four single-tap cameras or two dual-tap cameras.
On Board Memory
Although it is able to transfer acquired images in real-time to PC memory, Alpha 2 incorporates an 8-Mbyte on-board frame buffer, ensuring that no image will be lost, even when using the fastest cameras.
32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus
The Domino Alpha 2 is 32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus frame grabbers with 3V or 5V signaling. Direct Memory Access and PCI bus mastering are supported.

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