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Euresys - Cost-effective Camera Link Frame Grabber

The GrabLink Value is an affordable Camera Link frame grabber for cost-effective industrial applications. The GrabLink Value is recommended for single-camera systems. It acquires images at a maximum camera speed of 66 MHz over the data path towards the on board memory. It is easy to use and comes with bundled software to quickly capture images.


Supported Software



GrabLink Value, Camera Link
Camera Link specifications
List of supported cameras
Download Grablink Series DataSheet

  • Base configuration 
  • Up to 24 bits @ at 66 MHz
  • 8-MByte on board memory 
  • PCI bus 32 bits, 33 MHz

  • Inexpensive Software

  • Support of the Base configuration

    Fitted with one Camera Link connector, the EureCard GrabLink Value supports the base configuration of the Camera Link standard. GrabLink Value supports various types of cameras:


    Monochrome single-Tap

    Monochrome dual-Tap


    Monochrome quad-Tap

    Base configuration

    one (8 to 16 bits)

    one (8 to 12 bits)

    one (8 bits)

    Extended Base configuration*

    one (8 to 12 bits)

    * Multiplex tap. Preliminary feature


  • Serial control of camera

    The GrabLink Value supports the Camera Link pseudo RS-232 serial line. The application software can use the Camera Link API functions to control the camera. Alternatively, the serial line can be configured as an additional PC COM port ensuring interoperability with existing camera control software.

  • On board memory

    GrabLink Value incorporates a 8-Mbyte on board memory. Used as a huge image FIFO, it is clocked at 80 MHz and provides a peak bandwidth of 320 Mbytes/s.

    I/O Lines, Grablink Value connector

  • I/O lines

    The GrabLink Value is fitted with a female DB9 connector. It implements the trigger and strobe facilities offered by MultiCam driver. System components such as motion encoder benefits from isolated I/O lines and power supply.

  • Block diagram

    Block Diagram

    Euresys Grab Link Value Camera Link Frame Grabber Block Diagram

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  • List of supported cameras
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