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Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104™ Cards: Ruggedized Capture and H.264 Compression Board for 4 Video Inputs with Audio Capability

Picolo U8 H.264™: Optimized Capture and H.264 Compression Card for 8   Video Inputs with Audio Capability
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  • Picolo H.264 general features
  • 4 real-time PAL or NTSC video inputs
  • H.264 on-board compression, 100/120 ips at full resolution (25/30 ips x 4)
  • 2 simultaneous and independently configurable output streams per video channel:
    - One compressed streams
    - One raw uncompressed stream
  • 4 high-quality audio inputs
  • 8 professional I/O lines and watchdog capability
  • Ruggedized board supporting:
    EN50155, EN50155:2007 for Class 3 and EN61373 standards
    - Temperature range from -25°C to +85°C
    - Sustained vibration and shocks
    - High humidity levels
  • One selectable video output with cascade capability
  • Compact form factor: PCI-104 compliant

PICOLO U4 H.264 PCI-104™

PICOLO U4 H.264 PCI-104 RH™

Ruggedized cards for mobile video-surveillance applications.

The Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 is a ruggedized video capture card featuring real-time H.264 on-board compression for 4 video channels along with high-quality audio capabilities. Thanks to a high resistance to extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and humidity, the Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 is particularly well suited for embedded security systems for rail and road transportation, police vehicles equipment or any mobile or outdoor video-surveillance applications. The ruggedized characteristics of the card are also appropriate for video-surveillance systems installed in extreme industrial environments.

Easy and quick integration in any video surveillance application

- Simple and convenient standard-based drivers:
  • DirectShow Drivers for Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Virtual File System Drivers for Linux (32-bit and 64-bit)


- Connecting accessories

  • U4 H.264 PCI-104: they bring respectively the audio and video signals from internal connectors to a HD44F connector. Breakout Cables can be connected to these adapters.
  • HD44M to female BNC Breakout Cable for video (in, out and cascade) signals
  • HD44M to female RCA Breakout Cable for audio signals
  • Audio/Video on DB25F Adapter for Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104: it brings the audio and video signals to a single DB25 connector


- Available as a predefined component of CamID (PRELIMINARY) for simple and convenient design, programming and maintenance of surveillance applications

4 Real-Time Video Inputs with Independently Programmable Frame Rate and Acquisition Parameters

100/120 ips at full resolution (25/30 ips x 4)

H.264 On-Board Compression and Output Streams

2 simultaneous and independently configurable output streams for each video channel leading to a total of 8 video streams per card


- Compressed stream configurations

Full resolution and full frame rate possible up to 2.0 Mbps average per video channel
  • Resolution settings: 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF

  • Configurable reduction of the frame rate

  • Configurable bit rate control: CPQ CBR VBR


- Raw uncompressed stream configurations

Subject to PCI bus available bandwidth

  • Resolution settings: 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
  • Configurable reduction of the frame rate
    Image storage formats available

Monochrome: Y8

Color planar: YUV420PL



A Video Channel

4 High-Quality Audio Inputs

- Line-level analog audio input signals

- Selectable sampling rate: 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz

- Audio encoding:

  • Linear PCM 16-bit

  • G.711 64-kbps -law/A-law

  • - Audio-video synchronization supported by accurate time stamping of audio and video data

    - Audio connector: one 10-pin right angled header, 2.54 mm pitch

    Ruggedized Card

      The Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 is designed and manufactured to support:
      Temperature range from -25°C to +85°C (-13°F to 185°F) as specified by EN50155 for Class T3 (minimum air flow ≥ 1m/s) electronic equipment used on rolling stock in railway applications.

      - A temperature sensor measures the card temperature in the vicinity of the
      processor. The card temperature is reported to the application software
      through the API.
      - A thermal protection safely turns off the processor and prevents
      irrecoverable card damage when the card temperature reaches the
      absolute limit (100°C - 212°F).

      Sustained shock and vibration
      The Picolo U4 H.264 PCI-104 complies with the Category 1 Class B equipments as defined in EN61373 and therefore can be mounted inside a case that is attached on the vehicle frame.

      High humidity
      The card can operate in the relative humidity conditions specified by EN50155:2007 for Class T3 (minimum air flow ≥ 1m/s) over the external temperature range of -25°C to +45°C (-13°F to 113°F):
      - Relative humidity averaged over a year ≤ 75%
      - Relative humidity during 30 consecutive days ≤ 90 %
      - Condensation may not cause damage or malfunction

    8 Professional I/O Lines and Watchdog Capability

      - 4 contact closure inputs
      - 4 solid-state relay outputs
      - Watchdog capability
      - I/O connectors: 20-pin right-angled header, 2.54 mm pitch


    Video Connectors

      - Pin header video connector: 14-pin right-angled header, 2.54 mm pitch
      - Internal 75-Ohm switchable termination resistors


    Compact PCI-104 Compliant Form Factor

      - Stack-through 120-pin 2mm pitch connector
      - 32-bit PCI bus
      - "Module slot" selector DIP switch: up to 4 PCI devices are allowed in the stack
      - +5V power supply
      - Universal add-in module for 3V/5V I/O signaling busses
      - Power dissipation: less than 7W
      - Standard size: 96 x 90 mm (3.775 x 3.555 in)





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