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Picolo V16 H.264™: Capture and H.264 Compression Board for 16 Video Inputs with Audio Capability
Picolo Junior 4 : Low cost capture board for video surveillance applications


  • Picolo series general features
  • 16 video inputs PAL or NTSC
  • H.264 on-board compression, 400/480 ips at full resolution (25/30 ips x 16)
  • Precise time stamping
  • One selected video output with cascade capability
  • Form factor: PCI Express x1 full-height, half-length
  • Software support:
    - DirectShow filters

The Picolo V16 H.264 is an outstanding video capture board featuring real-time H.264 on board compression for 16 video channels with audio capability. Each video input delivers simultaneously a raw and compressed video stream. Both streams are independently configurable.

16 Real-Time Video Inputs

400/480 ips at full resolution (25/30 ips x 16)

An independently programmable frame rate and acquisition parameters for each of the 16 video inputs

- Contrast, brightness and saturation controls available

- Video presence detection

- Overlay caption text and masking regions

H.264 On-Board Compression

- H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) Base Profile (Level 3.1)

- A compression standard offering high image quality on top of low bit rate and low storage requirement

Simultaneous and independent H.264 compressed and raw image transfer leading to a total of 32 video output streams!  Subject to PC bus available bandwidth.

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Independently configurable functions on both streams 
    Compressed video stream configurations  

    Full resolution and full frame rate possible up to 2.0 Mbps per acquisition channel  
    - Resolution settings:       4CIF: 704 x 576 (PAL) or 704 x 480 (NTSC)

                                          CIF: 352 x 288 (PAL) or 352 x 240 (NTSC)  
    - Configurable reduction of the frame rate  
    - Configurable bit rate control:           CPQ - constant picture quality 
                                                          CBR - constant bit rate  
                                                          VBR - variable bit rate

Raw video stream configurations  
    - Cropping control  
    - Downscaling -- Resolution settings:  4CIF: 704 x 576 (PAL) or 704 x 480 (NTSC)  
                                                           CIF: 352 x 288 (PAL) or 352 x 240 (NTSC)  
                                                           QCIF: 176 x 144 (PAL) or 176 x 120 (NTSC)  

    - Configurable reduction of the frame rate  
    - Image storage formats available:       Packed: RGB15, RGB16, RGB24, RGB32, YUV422, Y8  
                                                            Planar: YUV422PL 



16 Audio Inputs

- Line-level audio signals

- Selectable sampling quality: 8 kHz

- Audio encoding

PCM (G.711): µ-law /A-law selectable companding

Bit rate: 64 kbps

- Audio-video synchronization supported by accurate time stamping of audio and video data

- Internal Audio connector

One 34-pin high-density header, 1.27 mm pitch




32 Professional I/O Lines and Watchdog Capability

- 16 contact closure inputs

- 16 solid-state relay outputs

 - Interfaces for Microsoft Windows XP®, XP Embedded®, Server 2003®, Vista®, XP x64 Edition®, 
   Server 2003 x64 Edition®, Vista 64®

- Kernel streaming mini driver providing following filters:

√ V16 H.264 Visual Source

√ V16 H.264 Audio Encoder

√ V16 H.264 Input Line

√ V16 H.264 Output Line

√ V16 H.264 Watchdog

√ V16 H.264 Pass-Through Selector

-  Programming languages  C++ and C++/CLI

Two 34-pin high-density headers, 1.27 mm pitch

√ One 4-pin header "WATCHDOG" connector

Two 34-pin high-density headers, 1.27 mm pitch

√ One 4-pin header "WATCHDOG" connector

- Programming languages  C++ and C++/CLI



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