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Picolo Tymo: New compact and cost-effective video capture board with 16 inputs
Picolo Tymo: New compact and cost-effective video capture board with 16 inputs

The Picolo Tymo is a cost-effective and compact 16-camera video capture board. Thanks to its four color video digitizers, the Picolo Tymo acquires four real-time image sequences in parallel from composite or S-Video cameras. This Picolo card benefits from a small PCB size and a 16-camera compact connector. The board is delivered with a choice of two different brackets -- regular or Low Profile. A video output and numerous general-purpose input / output lines are provided for easy system integration.

  • Picolo series general features
  • 16 video-channels PAL / NTSC
  • One compact HD-44 video connector and its corresponding internal header
    - Sixteen video inputs
    - Four S-Video inputs
    - One video output
    - One cascade video input
  • Small form factor
  • Watchdog and 9 professional I/O lines
  • Universal PCI: 32-bit, 66 MHz, 3V / 5V

  • Software support:
    - DirectShow filters
    - MultiCam drivers

Small form factor
The Picolo Tymo PCB is no larger than 168 mm x 64 mm (6.61 in x 2.51 in). This small PCB size corresponds to the Low Profile form factor. Two brackets are included, allowing users to install the board in either a low profile small standard PC or in a conventional larger PC. All video signals are available on one single compact standard connector.

One compact HD-44 video input connector HD-44 Video Input Connector
Sixteen composite video inputs, four chroma inputs, one video output and one cascade input are available on the bracket or internally through a header connector.

Four S-Video inputs - In applications using high-quality S-Video cameras, Picolo Tymo interfaces up to four such cameras allowing full resolution real-time acquisition on four channels. The Picolo Tymo also supports a mix of composite and S-Video cameras as long as only one camera type is connected to a single digitizer.

One video output - To take advantage of standard video monitors often available in video surveillance systems, the Picolo Tymo is equipped with a composite video output.

One cascade video input - Through the use of its cascade video input, the Picolo Tymo is able to echo on its video output the signal available on any of the video inputs of any Picolo Tymo board in the system.

I/O and watchdog
The Picolo Tymo is equipped with nine Euresys professional I/O lines: four contact-closure inputs and five solid-state relay outputs. The board includes a full featured watchdog, which is backward compatible with Picolo Tetra.

32-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus, 3V and 5V compliant
The Picolo Tymo offers a 32-bit, 66 MHz, 3V and 5V compliant PCI bus. It allows users to get the maximum out of its architecture and to operate multiple boards in parallel on a single PCI bus. The Tymo can be plugged in to any PCI or PCI-X slot.



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