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Picolo Alert: Ultra-fast multiple-channel video capture board
Picolo Alert: Ultra-fast multiple-channel video capture board

The Picolo Alert is a multiple-channel ultra-fast video capture board. Equipped with the Euresys video-surveillance FPGA, the Picolo Alert is able to acquire images from up to sixteen independent cameras with a total digitizing power of 200 / 240 fps constantly available. The user is free to share this digitizing power between the sixteen channels, according to the requirements of the application.

  • Proprietary video-surveillance FPGA
  • Simultaneous capture and preview functions
  • 16 video inputs
  • 200 / 240 fps constantly available
  • Form factors:
    - Universal PCI: 64 / 32 bits, 66 / 33 MHz, 3V / 5V
    - PCI Express x1
  • Software support:
    - DirectShow filters
    - MultiCam drivers

Sixteen video inputs and 200 / 240 fps constantly available
As a unique feature, the Alert offers the ability to share a total digitizing power of 200 / 240 fields per second (100 / 120 ips) among the sixteen video channels without switching delay. With the dedicated Euresys video-surveillance FPGA, this high acquisition rate is always fully available independently of the camera synchronization type.
NTSC cameras 4-camera configuration 16 Camera Configuration
/board /camera /board /camera
Cif/s or Field/s 240 60 240 15
Image/sec 120 30 120 7,5
PAL cameras 4-camera configuration 16 Camera Configuration
/board /camera /board /camera
Cif/s or Field/s 200 50 200 12,5
Image/sec 100 25 100 6,25


Form Factors
The Picolo Alert is available in two form factors, conventional PCI or PCI Express.

The Picolo Alert PCI offers a PCI bandwidth of 200 MByte/s enabling the most demanding applications. The high- bandwidth 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus of the Picolo Alert is compatible with all the conventional PCI slots of a PC: from 32-bit, 33 MHz -5V- to 64-bit, 66 MHz -3V-.

PCI ExpressPCI Express is a robust serial point-to-point interface offering high-speed bandwidth to each connected device.

The Picolo Alert PCIe is featured with a 1-lane (x1) PCI Express interface offering a large bandwidth of 2x180Mbytes/s. A 1-lane board is universal as it is compatible with all PCI Express connectors.

The "PCI Variation Application Note" and the "PCI Express Technology Note" are available on the -download area-.

Connections for the 16 video inputs
Block Diagram
ConnectorsFour robust BNC connectors are provided on-board for the main video channels. The 12 additional inputs are to be connected internally.

For this purpose, Euresys offers Video Expansion Brackets (VEB) for 4 cameras. Alternatively, all 16 video sources can be connected internally via the four on-board headers.

Professional I/O lines

An internal 20-pin header offers professional I/O connectivity: five solid-state relay outputs and four contact-closure inputs.

Highly configurable hardware watchdog



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