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NEW Grablink Express: Cutting-edge PCI Express Camera Link image acquisition board
NEW Grablink Express: Cutting-edge PCI Express Camera Link image acquisition board

The Grablink Express is at the cutting-edge of the Camera Link technology through the compliance with the new standard 1.2 including PoCL -- Power over Camera Link. It allows a single Camera Link cable to supply power to the camera, on top of transferring high-speed images and controlling the camera. The Grablink Express PoCL frame grabber interfaces the smallest and fastest cameras on the market while still being safely compatible with cables and cameras from the previous Camera Link standards.

  • Base Camera Link 1.2 configuration
  • 24 bits at 85 MHz
  • Power over Camera Link compliant
  • Full support of AREA-SCAN cameras
  • Asynchronous reset and exposure control
  • Simple and reliable LINE-SCAN acquisition, ADR Technology™
  • 32-MB on-board memory
  • Form factors: PCI Express Full-height, half-length, x1

Support of Camera Link 1.2 Base configuration including PoCL

Monochrome or Bayer Color RGB
single-tap dual-tap quad-tap single-tap
Tap configuration Base_1T8, Base_1T10, Base_1T12, Base_1T14, Base_1T16 Base_2T8, Base_2T10, Base_2T12, Base_2T14B2, Base_2T16B2 Base_4T8B2 Base_1T24, Base_1T24B3, Base_1T30B2, Base_1T36B2, Base_1T36B3, Base_1T42B2, Base_1T42B3, Base_1T48B2, Base_1T48B3
Camera Link

1 tap x (8-10-12-14-16 bits) 2 taps x (8-10-12 bits) - 1 tap x (24 bits)
Extended Base*
- 2 taps x (14-16 bits) 4 taps x (8 bits) 1 tap x (24-30-36-42-48 bits)

* Multiplex tap.

PoCL SafePowerThe Power over Camera Link standard specifies how to supply power to the camera through the Camera Link connector without losing backward compatibility with the previous Camera Link standard.

  • Conventional and PoCL cameras and cables supported
  • Over-Current Protection and Over-Voltage Protection circuits
  • "SafePower" feature:

9 various external and internal I/O lines

I/O electrical style I/O electrical style and function
- 2 isolated multi-mode bidirectional I/O and associated isolated 5 V power supply   
   • Input: isolated TTL, isolated 12V
   • Output: isolated TTL, isolated open collector, isolated Open Emittor
- 2 non-isolated universal differential inputs (LVDS and more)
- 1 isolated contact output
- 4 non-isolated bidirectional TTL I/O
- 5V and 12V power supplies
- TTL trigger or page trigger input
- LVDS trigger or page trigger input
- Opto-isolated trigger or page trigger input
- TTL strobe output
- Opto-isolated strobe output
- Fast opto-isolated strobe output
- TTL line trigger or encoder input
- Opto-isolated line trigger or encoder input




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