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Grablink Dual Base: Full-Featured Dual Base Camera Link Frame Grabber
Grablink Dual Base: Full-Featured Dual Base Camera Link Frame Grabber

The Grablink DualBase is a cost-effective full-featured frame grabber for two Camera Link cameras applications. It supports two Camera Link Base-configuration cameras as well as featuring on-board processing and two rich sets of I/O lines. The Grablink DualBase features a 4-lane PCI Express bus.

  • For two Base Camera Link® configuration cameras
    - Monochrome, Bayer CFA, and color RGB camera supported
    - PoCL SafePower compliant
    - Line-scan and area-scan cameras
    - 2 Mini Camera Link® SDR connectors with camera activity LED indicators
  • On-board processing
    - LUTs operators, Bayer CFA decoder, pixel formatting, and image reconstruction
  • Effective delivery bandwidth: up to 850 MB/s (application and motherboard dependent)
  • 20 digital I/O lines compatible with a wide range of sensors and encoders
  • 128MB on-board memory
  • Form factor:
    - PCI Express x4, full-height, half-length
  • MultiCam drivers for Microsoft Windows® and Linux (32- and 64-bit)


Support of Two Base CameraLink™ Configuration Cameras

Monochrome, Bayer CFA, and color RGB progressive-scan cameras supported
- Full pixel clock range: from 20 MHz up to 85 MHz
- Serial control of Camera Link cameras:
The Grablink series supports the Camera Link serial communication line. The application software can use the Camera Link API functions to control the camera. Alternatively, the serial line can be configured as an additional PC COM port ensuring interoperability with existing camera control software.


On-Board Processing

  3 Look-up table (LUT) operators
Monochrome operation with selectable output bit depth:8 bits, 10 bits, 12 bits or 16 bits
RGB and Bayer color operations with output bit depth: 3 x 8 bits
  Bayer CFA decoder computes the R, G and B components of the image
  Pixel formatting in the following formats:
Monochrome formats: Y8, Y10, Y12, Y16
Bayer CFA formats: BAYER8, BAYER10, BAYER12, BAYER16
Three packed RGB components format: RGB24
Three planar RGB components formats: RGB24PL
Four packed RGB plus alpha components format: RGB32
  Image reconstruction: tap re-ordering, H/V flipping
  High-performance DMA transfers into user allocated memory with 64-bit addressing capability with image cropping capability


20 digital I/O Lines Compatible with a Wide Range of Sensors and Encoders

  It forms a rich sets of I/O lines with, per camera:
2 high-speed differential RS-422 inputs
4 individually-isolated wide-voltage-range inputs
4 individually-isolated contact outputs
  Moreover, +5V and +12V power outputs with electronic fuse protection are provided.
  The set of I/O lines and the power output are available from an I/O connector on the bracket.
  These I/O lines can be used as general-purpose I/O lines. They also have specific usages as trigger, strobe or quadrature encoder input lines.


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