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Grablink Quickpack CFA: Image acquisition and pre-processing for color area-scan inspection
Grablink Quickpack CFA : Image acquisition and pre-processing for color area-scan inspection The Grablink Quickpack CFA -- Color Filter Array -- is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area-scan color inspection. A set of dedicated on-board preprocessing functions speeds up image processing for applications such as PCB, food or pharmaceutical inspection without loading the host CPU.

These functions include a Bayer pattern decoder and a luminance blender providing simultaneous Y and RGB output -- planar or packed -- for monochrome and color inspection. An optional white balance is computed from automatically selected white pixels or from a user-defined Region Of Interest. Finally, four independent LUT operators are available for the R, G, B and Y components.

The Grablink Quickpack CFA interfaces Base configuration Camera Link area-scan cameras up to 85 MHz and it processes 8-, 10- or 12-bit images. The board has a 128 MB memory and a 64-bit, 66 MHz Conventional PCI bus offering up to 240 MB/s of delivery bandwidth. The Grablink Quickpack CFA features nine general-purpose I/O lines to ease the board integration into industrial systems.

  • Flexibility

    Fully programmable pre-processing on 8-, 10-, 12-bit input images

    Y and RGB, planar or packed output formats
  • High-performance

    Image pre-processing without loading the host CPU

    Shorter acquisition and processing time

Camera and I/O connectorsOn-board image pre-processing

All operators are compatible with 8-, 10- and 12-bit input images

  • Bayer Pattern decoder:

    Compute the RGB components of the image

  • White balance operator:

    The white balance parameters can be specified by the user or computed automatically from the image.

    They can be computed continuously (on each image) or once only (under user control). Moreover, they can be computed from automatically selected white pixels in the image, or from a user-specified region of interest.

  • Luminance blender:

    Compute the Y component of the image

  • Four LUT operators, on R, G, B and Y channels

Image acquisition and transfer

  • Camera Link Base configuration:

    Up to 85 MHz

    8-, 10-, 12-bit data

  • Area-scan cameras: single or dual tap:

    Bayer pattern color

    Up to 4K x 4K resolution

    Also compatible with monochrome and RGB cameras

  • 128 MB on-board memory

  • Conventional PCI: 64-bit, 66 MHz, 3V/5V signaling; up to 240MB/s delivery bandwidth

  • 9 I/O lines for trigger, strobe and general purpose usage, with internal and external connections

    2 isolated I/O lines with isolated power supply

    2 differential inputs (compatible with LVDS, RS422 and RS485 signaling)

    1 opto-isolated output

    4 general purpose I/O lines

  • Direct Memory Access engine

  • Output format

    8-, 10-, 12- and 16-bit components (R, G, B and Y)

    Wide range of formats are available in the following classes:

    • monochrome

    • Bayer CFA

    • three packed R G B components

    • three planar R G B components

    • four packed R G B a components

    • four packed R G B Y components

    • three packed R G B components + Y component

    • three planar R G B components + Y component

32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus



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