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Grablink Quickpacks: Camera Link digital image acquisition and pre-processing

The Grablink Quickpacks provide the most appropriate image acquisition and a set of hardware accelerated pre-processing functions. This line of products offers, in quite a way, the right solution to a dedicated application.
GRABLINK Quickpack CFA GRABLINK Quickpack ColorScan  

Image acquisition and pre-processing GRABLINK Quickpack CFA
for color area-scan inspection
GRABLINK Quickpack ColorScan

Image acquisition and pre-processing GRABLINK Quickpack ColorScan
for RGB line-scan inspection
Fully programmable pre-processing on 8-, 10-, 12-bit input images
Y and RGB, planar or packed output formats
Image pre-processing without loading the host CPU
Shorter acquisition and processing time
- Acquisition from one RGB line-scan Camera Link camera

- Base configuration up to 60 MHz
Maximum processing rate: 50 MPixel/s (150 MB/s)

- Image pre-processing functions accelerated by the FPGA
       - Scan-delay compensation
       - Shading correction
       -  Look-up table transformation
       - White balance

- Output formats: RGB 24- and 32-bit packed, RGB 24-bit planar

- Form factor: 64-bit 66 MHz Desktop PCI

- System connector: isolated inputs for line and page triggers



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