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Domino Iota: High-quality analog image acquisition boards
Domino Iota: High-quality analog image acquisition boards The Domino Iota is a high-quality and cost-effective board with one camera connector. It acquires images from a monochrome analog camera. This single-camera frame grabber is an ideal solution for cost-sensitive applications inspecting fast moving objects.

  • Domino series general features
  • One camera connector for:
  • One single-tap camera
  • Multi-mode synchronization system, including pixel clock and PLL locking
  • One 8-bit 32 MHz A/D converter
  • PCI bus: 32 bits, 33 MHz, 3 V or 5 V signaling

One 8-bit 32 MHz A/D converter
The Domino Iota is equipped with an 8-bit A/D converter. The maximum sampling rate of 32 MHz allows the board to support double-speed cameras. This Domino frame grabber offers one 8-bit input look-up table and a programmable input filter (20, 10 or 5 MHz). The controls of the gain and offset are also programmable. Camera and I/O connectors

Camera and I/O connectors
The Domino Iota bracket offers:
- one HD15 video connector
- one DB9 connector.

Camera support
Beside standard CCIR and RS170 cameras, the Domino Iota supports any kind of single tap analog camera: with progressive or interlaced scanning, synchronous timing or asynchronous reset, shutter control or strobe control. The high-resolution capability of the board is compatible with top-notch analog cameras (mega-pixel cameras are supported). A multi-mode synchronization system is available and includes the pixel clock and PLL locking. The Domino series boards interface a wide range of cameras from many manufacturers. An up-to-date list is available on the Interfacing Cameras pages

32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus
The Domino Iota is 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus frame grabbers with 3V or 5V signaling. Direct Memory Access and PCI bus mastering are supported.

32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus



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