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Camera Link - The new standard for connecting digital cameras. 

Camera Link is a communication interface for vision applications. The interface extends the base technology of Channel Link to provide a specification more useful for vision applications.

For years, the scientific and industrial digital video market has lacked a standard method of communication. Both frame grabber and camera manufacturers developed products with different connectors, making cable production difficult for manufacturer and very confusing for consumers. A connectivity standard between digital cameras and frame grabbers is long overdue and will become even more necessary as data rates continue to increase.

Increasingly diverse cameras and advanced signal and data transmissions have made a connectivity standard like Camera Link a necessity. The Camera Link interface will reduce support time, as well as the cost of that support. The standard cable will be able to handle the increased signal speeds, and the cable assembly will allow customers to reduce their costs through volume pricing.

CameraLink has been developed by multiple cameras and board manufacturers including Euresys.

See our Camera Link Module for the EureCard GrabLink Value, the two EureCard frame grabbers supporting this new standard.

Find out the specifications of the new connection standard CameraLink :

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