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Ricoh Lenses

Factory Automation Lenses -- the new RICOH FL Series

For each resolution level (9 MP, 5 MP, 2 MP, and VGA), the RICOH FL Series provides an extensive line of high-performance lenses with different focal lengths and sensor sizes. Knowhow developed in our camera operations has been put to good use in creating high-quality products with an extremely low level of variation among individual lenses.

9 Mega Pixel Lenses 5 Mega Pixel Lenses 2 Mega Pixel Lenses
9 Mega Pixel Lenses 5 Mega Pixel Lenses 2 Mega Pixel Lenses
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FA lenses for use with up to 9 mega-pixel resolution and image processing. These lenses are optimized for a wide range of applications including electronic substrates.

Manual iris lenses compatible with 1" format cameras up to 9 megapixels. These lenses will exhibit excellent performance in capturing precision machining products such as electronic substrates and wafers, which require high resolution lenses.

  • High resolution and high contrast wide angle lens design

    These lenses are compatible with 3.69µm pixel pitch, 1" format FA cameras with resolution of up to 9 megapixels. From the center to the periphery, the lens has a high resolution of 135 lp/mm. Due to a minimal degradation of resolution right up to the periphery it produces sharp, high contrast images. Smear reduction function

  • Φ42mm compact design

    To fit in a 44mm housing used for most 9 megapixel cameras, these lenses have a Ø42 mm
    compact design. Ideal for installation in high performance equipment.

  • Low distortion

    Troublesome lens distortions for image measurement or recognition have been reduced. TV distortion is reduced to less than 0.1%, with very little image distortion, making it ideal for image measurement.

  • Floating mechanism design

    Designed with a floating mechanism to control aberration across the entire focus range from the minimum object distance (0.1 to 0.25 m) to infinity. This reduces image degradation due to a loss of resultion or contrast as a result of changes to the working distance (distance to the subject), and it enables a variety of applications from near distance to infinity.

  • Reduced minimum object distance

    A newly developed optic design has enabled a reduction in the minimum object distance from a maximum of 0.45 m (compared to RICOH products) to 0.1 to 0.25 m for image capture at even closer distance.

FA lenses for use with 5 mega-pixel resolution and image processing There are five types, beginning with an 8 mm focal length close-up lens.

These manual iris lenses support 5 mega-pixels (2/3" format). They are perfect for inspection, pattern matching, and alignment uses in which images with high definition from edge to edge definition are needed for large subjects such as wafers, chip mounters, board mounting, etc.

  • High resolution and high contrast

    Supports 2/3" format, 5 mega-pixel CCD camera with 3.45µm pixel pitch. Achieves 140 lp/mm high resolution from center to periphery. Produces sharp, high-clarity images with high-contrast and low resolution loss all the way to the edge.

  • Φ43 mm compact design

    Consistent with the 44 mm-square cases used by many 5 mega-pixel cameras, we have achieved a size reduction to F43 mm for the outer diameter. These lenses are an excellent choice for installation on high-performance devices.

  • Extremely small level of optical distortion

    For both the FL-CC2514-5M and the FL-CC1614-5M, optical distortion on the diagonals is less than 1%. TV distortion is held to less than 0.2%. The resulting extremely low-distortion images are also excellent for use in the image measurement field

  • Bright to the periphery

    Despite the Φ43 mm diameter, the optics accommodate 5 mega-pixels with F1.4 brightness. With peripheral-light-intensity falloff held to an absolute minimum, it is possible to obtain bright and high-resolution images. Although they are wide-angle lenses, with the iris open we were able to raise the peripheral light level to 70% (diagonals) and thereby achieve images that are bright and clear all the way to the periphery.

2 mega-pixel type lenses for a wide range of applications. Select the optimum lens for your focal length and format size requirements

These manual-iris lenses are your best choice for image processing data capture at 2 mega-pixels. With their compact size and high performance, they deliver great results for high-precision manufacturing inspection (chip mounters, wafers, electronic substrates, etc.).

  • High-performance lenses for close-up imaging with 2 mega-pixel CCD and CMOS sensors

  • Sharp high resolution, high contrast images, that limit resolution loss from the center to periphery

  • With compact size, light weight, and durability, these are excellent lenses for FA and machine vision use

  • They greatly reduce distortion that causes problems in image measurement and recognition

  • Built to handle environments with vibration, etc. Easy to use, reliable focus and iris locking mechanisms as standard features



VGA Lenses (Manual Iris Lenses and Manual Zoom Lenses) Line-Scan Lenses UV Lenses
VGA Lenses (Manual Iris Lenses and Manual Zoom Lenses) Line-Scan Lenses UV Lenses
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An extensive line of general-use lenses boasting high-performance lens technology. Featuring vibration-control measures, these lenses are a superior choice for installation in machine vision systems.

Built for a wide variety of uses, including pattern matching, component positioning, missing-part inspection, board mounting, and inspection of pharmaceuticals, produce, and grains.

  • Standard lenses for machine vision use

  • Compatible with VGA-class cameras

  • Production line handling cameras from 1/2" to 1" formats

  • Lock screws as standard vibration-control measures

Even, high definition optical characteristics across the entire image (including the periphery). With a design optimized for FA close-up shooting, these lenses are suitable for sensors up to 45 mm.

Used for inspection of steel, pulp, fiber/textile, printing, film and other flat materials and Web appearance testing equipment.

  • High resolution, high contrast

  • Suitable for sensors up to 45 mm

  • Abundant Light Distribution

  • Minimal distortion

  • Available in F-mount

  • Lockable focus & iris rings

An optical system that employs optical-grade quartz glass for imaging in the near-ultraviolet region These lenses are optimized for application in the inspection of minute surfaces

Used for detection of counterfeit banknotes; falsified documents and credit cards, surface inspection of circuit boards for soldering defects

  • High performance quartz glass, enabling the capture of sharp images in the near-fultraviolet region.

  • Extended wavelength range (230 nm to 800 nm), with peak performance at 365 nm.

  • Compact design, ideal for integration into machine vision systems

  • Optimized for use with band pass filters and UV illumination to provide falsified documents detection



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