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The YUKON Series is comprised of two monochrome and two color Digital Area Scan CCD Cameras with a Camera Link® Interface and an external trigger for the most demanding industrial machine vision applications. The Camera Link® interface combines up to 26 parallel digital signals into four high-speed signal pairs in full mode, enabling high-speed and high-resolution imaging with simple connectivity.

Equipped with a Kodak Interline Transfer Progressive Scan Area CCD, the YUKON Series cameras provide excellent image quality, color rendition, and a compact form factor, which afford versatility when space and weight are important considerations of an application.


Each unit is tested 100% to ensure maximum quality and reliability. The YUKON cameras offer you a wide selection of characteristics while supporting all the latest features, including the highest frame rate when compared to models from other manufacturers.


  • CCD Image Sensor
  • Color/Mono type
  • VGA to 4.2 MP High Resolution
  • Max. 200 fps (640x480 pixel)
  • External Hardware Trigger Support
  • C/F Mount
  • Camera Link (2 Gbps)
  • IMx-2003CL:
  • IMx-2040CL:


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