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Camera Types


Eagle Pan Tilt Indoor Heads
PT-50 PT-50SDI PT-101
PT-50 PT-50SDI PT-101

Lightweight duty indoor Pan and Tilt head.

Smooth and quiet operation.

Normal or Inverted installation.

System cables attach to stationary Base.

Lightweight duty indoor PT-50 head with SDI (SMPTE-259M) digital video output.

Normal or Inverted installation.

System cables attach to stationary Base

Medium duty Indoor Pan and Tilt head.

64 shot memory.

Optional camera control board.

  • Quiet operation using high torque stepper motors.
  • Serial RS485 or RS232 control.
  • Adjustable preset speeds with proportional speed control.
  • Adjustable end stops.
  • Supplies 12VDC power for camera operation.
  • Optional camera control module for full camera control

  • Incorporates SDI module in base to provide SMPTE-259M SDI video output
  • Serial RS-485 or RS-232 Control
  • Adjustable End stops & Preset Speeds with Proportional Speed Control
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Supplies 12 Volt DC Power for Camera Operation
  • Optional Camera Control Module for Full Camera Control
  • Pan/tilt range 358 degrees
  • Pan/tilt speed 0 to 20 degrees per second, variable
  • Preset accuracy plus or minus .083 degrees
  • Worm gear drive with high torque motors
  • Complete control of camera menu available
  • Built in 12V camera power supply
  • Windows based control software available
  • Multipin connector for ease of power and control hookup


PT-50 Specifications

PT-50 Operational Manual
PT-50 / HV-D30 Brochure
T16x5.5DA-R11 Lens Brochure
D16x7.3A-R11 Lens Brochure



PT-50SDI Specifications

PT-50SDI Operational Manual

PT-50-COMP $2895/EA



PT-101 Specifications
PT-101 Operation Manual
PT-101SDI $5575/EA
PT-101COMP $4880/EA


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