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CMOS Megapixel High Resolution, X-Ray, Micro, Insertible, and High Integration Cameras by ViewBits

Fiber Camô: Inexpensive Industrial CCD Based Standard Definition Analog Out X-Ray Camera With Fiber Bundle Front End And GdOS Sensor

Fiber Cam : X-Ray Camera

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Analog 2/3 Inch X-ray Camera with a 16 or 25mm Diameter Fiber Taper (Custom Diameters Available on Request) and a Gadolinium Oxysulphide (GdOS) Scintillation Layer. Perfect for Inexpensive Inspection Instruments Where Cost is a Factor.


The Fiber Cam represents a new way to capture X-ray images with standard analog CCD sensors. The Fiber Cam is a standard 2/3" monochrome CCD Camera with a fused fiber optic taper that is attached directly to the image sensor with proprietary technology.


Our GdOS scintillation layer is applied directly to the surface of the fiber-optic bundle for maximum efficiency using our proprietary technology. The camera ships with a thin aluminized window to protect this layer from scratches.


The Fiber Cam is designed for OEMs who wish to use a standard camera with X-ray sources. Using this technology the GdOS layer is at least 1/2" away from the sensor and will thus reduce the rate of sensor deterioration.


  • Scintillator: Polycrystalline layer of gadolinium oxysulphide with full range energy response from 5 keV to 120 keV and 15 mg/cm2 density for optimized response at 5-35 kev X-ray source. Scintillator layer is applied directly to face of fiber-optic coupler for maximum light transfer efficiency. An aluminum light excluding cover plate is placed in front of scintillation layer for protection.
  • Analog NTSC output is very convenient output for computer viewing
  • 470TVL resolution
  • 2/3 inch sensor via KP-M1
  • Customizable diameter fiber tapers available
  • Expected lifetime of CCD greatly enhanced via use of FO coupling
  • Individually built and tested by experts
  • Tested Frame Grabbers: Euresys, Matrox, Mikrotron
  • Camera can integrate up to 1/2 second or integration can be performed via FG
  • Note: Other light sensitive cameras may be modified with this technology. Please contact us.


  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Military Technology
  • Optical Inspection at Close Proximity
  • Magnification Applications
  • PCB Inspection



Imager 2/3"
Pixels 768 (H) x 494 (V)
Cell Size 11.6 (H) x 13.6 (V) um
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution 570 (H) x 485 (V) TV lines
SN 56 dB
Gamma 0.45 to 1.0
AGC On/Off
Shutter 1/100-1/10000
Sync Internal/External
Trigger Field on Demand
Output RS-170 1.0 V p-p
Power 12V DC
Fiber Bundle 16mm, 25mm
Input Diameter Standard (other sizes available on request)
Input Pixel Sizes (horizontal) 20um, 31um
Limiting Resolution at Input Window (depending on x-ray coating) 18 lp/mm, 12 lp/mm
Energy Range 5 to 120 keV (can be optimized for certain energy ranges)
Input Window Protective Cover Aluminum (other window materials available upon request)
Options X-ray coating thickness optimized for imaging application External camera gain/offset control for greater dynamic range


Ordering Info

Fiber Cam/Std: Standard Unit X-Ray camera with standard GdOS coating (balanced for resolution and max light output)
Fiber Cam/Option 1: Without GdOS coating (for non-x-ray applications)
Fiber Cam/Option 2: Custom protective input window material (e.g., aluminum, mylar)


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