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CMOS Megapixel High Resolution, X-Ray, Micro, Insertible, and High Integration Cameras by ViewBits

High Performance Cooled CCD Camera System: ALTA U16M

Camera-Fiber Link Base (CFL-3)

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The Alta U16M uses a very large format 16-megapixel full frame sensor with microlenses and anti-blooming gates, ideal for applications requiring large field of view, such as astrophotography, sky surveys, and radiology.




• 4096 x 4096 array, 9 x9 micron pixels
• 5 MHz 12-bit and 1 MHz 16-bit digitization
• 32Mbyte camera memory
• USB 2.0 interface: no plug in cards or external controllers
• Programmable, intelligent cooling to 40°C below ambient
• Binning up to 8 Horizontal x 4096 Vertical
• Subarray readout and fast sequencing modes
• Precision time delayed integration (TDI) and kinetics mode readout
• Programmable fan speed for low / zero vibration
• Two serial port outputs for control of peripheral devices
• General purpose programmable I/O port
• External triggering and strobe controls
• ActiveX drivers included with every system
• Field upgradeable firmware
• Fused silica windows
• Runs from single 12V supply with input voltage monitor
• Compact enclosure
• Programmable status indicators


CCD Kodak KAF-16803
Array Size (pixels) 4096 x 4096
Pixel Size 9 x 9 microns
Imaging Area 36.8 x 36.8 mm (1359 mm2)
Imaging Diagonal 52.1 mm
Video Imager Size 3.26”
Linear Full Well (typical) 85K electrons
Dynamic Range 79 dB
QE at 400 nm 41.5%
Peak QE (550 nm) 60%
Anti-blooming >100X
PC Interface USB 2.0
Max. Cable Length 5 meters between hubs; 5 hubs maximum (max. total of 30m)
Digital Resolution 16 bits at 1 MHz and 12 bits at 5 MHz
System Noise (typical) 7 e- RMS at 1 MHz and 2 counts at 5 MHz
Pixel Binning 1x1 to 8x3058 on-chip
Exposure Time 30 milliseconds to 183 minutes (2.56 microsecond increments)
Image Sequencing 1 to 65535 image sequences under software control
Frame Sizes Full frame, subframe, focus mode
Cooling (typical) Thermoelectric cooler with forced air. Maximum cooling 40°C below ambient temperature
Dark Current (typical) 0.3 e-/pixel/sec (-20°C)
Temperature Stability ± 0.1°C
Camera Head Size D7. Aluminum, hard blue anodized. 7” x 7” x 2.55” (17.8 x 17.8 x 6.48 cm) Weight: 4.2 lb. (1.9 kg)
Mounting 5,125” bolt circle. Optional Nikon F-mount or Canon FD mount.
Back Focal Distance 1.008” (25.60 mm) [optical]
Operating Environment -22° to 27°C. Relative humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing.
Cable Length Standard: 15 ft (4.5m)
Power 40W maximum power with shutter open and cooling maximum. AC/DC “brick” supply with int’l AC
input plug (100-240V, 50-60 Hz). Alternate 12V input from user’s source.
Shutter Melles Griot 63mm.
Remote Triggering LVTTL input allows exposure to start within 25 microseconds of rising edge of trigger
* Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

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