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Streams 5 Datasheet

Streams 5 Video Recording Software
MotionBLITZ® Director – High Speed Video Recording, Analysis, Editing & Storage

Extreme Performance for the Most Demanding Applications

Stated simply, IO Industries Streams 5 is designed to handle all of the data recording requirements for an application. Whether you need to record a single video camera in the lab, or multiple high-speed cameras at a rocket launch, Streams 5 has the capability. But Streams 5 is much more than video recording. It provides simultaneous data recording from a variety of streaming devices, synchronizing these data streams using computer time, GPS time or IRIG-B time.


  • Real-time synchronized data recording to hard disk from multiple devices with synchronized playback.
  • Supports most analog and digital video cameras; GPS receivers; altimeters; IMU/INS devices; sound cards; and general purpose data acquisition cards.
  • Synchronization of data streams using computer time, GPS time, IRIG-B time.
  • Automatic cataloguing of recordings within a video library for quick access playback.
  • Multiple triggering methods by hardware or software, with pre-trigger recording.
  • Event marking during or after recording.
  • Compressed or uncompressed video recording
  • Image rendering techniques include programmable look up tables (LUT), Bayer color demosaicing, YUV to RGB, 2 point non-uniformity correction, and more.
  • Supports custom real time image analysis during recording (pixel frequency histogram included).
  • Image import/export to AVI, JPEG, TIFF, ASCII, BMP, and raw binary.
  • Scripting for automation of recording procedures.


Available in the Developer Edition:

  • Networking support for control of multiple video recording workstations.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for customizing applications using C++


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