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Fibr Scope III™ - A Tool to Project Fiber Optic Connector End Faces and Ferrules on Computer Screens for Data Capture and Viewing

Fibr Scope III Customer Comments:

Check out these unbiased comments from our customers:


“Please know my initial impression of this product is much more favorable than your competitor’s product.”


“In my opinion the overall picture quality and software user-friendly attributes stand above your competitors.”


“The "Auto Center" is an invaluable tool!”


“When navigating away from the "Test Results" page I am most impressed with the "Picture by zone" page that appears (i.e. 5 separate thumbnail views of the zones); the connector end-face is shown full screen, displaying the scratch/contaminants, each defined by a box that displays the defect parameters when the operator moves the cursor within the defect box.”


“I evaluated the probe with the 1.25 mm female adapter which held very snugly into the LC coupler less having to hold it or move it around for image capture.”


“The captured image seems to have an infinite number of ways to maximize its resolution via:

- Exposure slide control

- Gain slide control

- Exposure Filters slide controls

- Max Resolution Selection”


“I would expect this probe to sell itself to customers who are familiar with this type of inspection methodology.”


“I had the students use the ImageOps probe as well as a competitors probe, made no mention relative to probe performance. After use I asked for preferences and, as expected, the preference leaned heavily in favor of the ImageOps probe. Video quality and ease of use, as well as software, were the reasons cited.”


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