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SONY PVM-20L2MD: Professional Color Medical CRT Monitor

SONY PVM-20L2MD: Professional Color Medical CRT MonitorThe Sony PVM-20L2MD is a high-resolution color monitor that delivers sharp, detailed video images. The Sony PVM-20L2MD is designed specifically for medical applications, this monitor offers tremendous flexibility with its variety of input terminals. The Sony PVM-20L2MD Dark-tint CRT for improved contrast and P-22 phosphor for more vibrant, color-saturated images. 20" Medical Color Video Monitor (19" maximum viewable diagonal).



  • Color video monitor for Medical or Broadcast use
  • Identical to Sony Broadcast monitor with improved power supply
  • SDI or DV input options
  • Digital Comb Filter virtually eliminates NTSC dot crawl
  • Trinitron CRT provides a resolution of 600 TV lines
  • Beam current feedback circuit for stable color reproduction
  • Composite, Y/C, RGB and component (Y/R-Y/B-Y) inputs
  • Accepts external sync
  • Auto setup for chroma and phase
  • This CRT technology based product is still available and supported by Sony


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